The 415AK Allied Juniors is composed of the 12 strongest (or most successful) DEDDON junior members within the continents of Chikkun and Onion. Their eastern counter-part would be the 415AK Regular Juniors.

Chikkun Edit

Unit 24 (led by Rokko Chickenwing)

Michael Koji (2)

Chris Chickenwing (5)

Mila Burasuu (8)

Unit 38 (led by William Armstrong)

James Clint (6)

Reiko Yamari (4)

Jeremy Everest (7)

Onion Edit

Unit 20 (led by Kentachi Lettuce)

Kumo Amano (1)

Doku Atarashi (9)

Gin Tradent (10)

Unit 68 (led by Kozuki Furui

Dennis Haysam (11)

Marii Akage (3)

Shell Muzai (12)

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