Dennis Haysam


September 7th, 397AK (16)






170 cm (5'7")











Dennis Rick Haysam is a member of DEDDON's 68th unit. He's considered the second weakest of his DEDDON generation. He's Shell Muzai's boyfriend.

Background Edit

Dennis Haysam was born in Eastern Bakushito, but he moved to Onion and joined DEDDON at the age of five, but he wasn't allowed to become a unit-member until the age of seven, due to poor performance in tests and tournaments. Due to his strong-will and perseverance, Kozuki Furui decided to make him his student, and a member of his unit.

The Great Fire of Envidia Edit

Dennis lost his mother during The Great Fire of Envidia, an event that traumatized him for life. He once used his mother's death as an excuse for his rotten personality, instead of receiving sympathy, he received a punch in the face from Michael, who is also an orphan.

Personality Edit

Dennis is a very arrogant narcissist. He believes that because of his age, he should be treated with more respect and should be considered strongest than the rest of his peers. Dennis is also very picky and delicate, and he wants everything to go his way. This has led to a sour relationship with Michael and Kumo, who are both disgusted by his behavior.

Appearance Edit

Dennis may be rotten in the inside, but according to others, the same doesn't apply to his outside. He is considered handsome and good-looking by many, which is part of the reason why he's a narcissist. He has short, black hair and fair skin. He wears the Onion uniform during missions, but prefers wearing a light-blue sleeveless shirt and gray shorts.

Abilities Edit

Dennis' lack of talent and poor abilities have led to him being considered the second-weakest of the Chikkun-Onion juniors. The only technique that he has is a basic boulder attack, which is very slow and easy to dodge.

Part 1 Edit

Wind Sages Arc Edit

Dennis and the rest of his team were sent to the Pancake Desert with the goal of eliminating the remaining Shindas. During the assault, he helped Kumo Amano by blocking Shinda attacks with his boulders.

Trivia Edit

  • Dennis' original name was Shuto, and his personality was completely different (similar to Kumo's current personality).
  • Dennis and Shell Muzai are the only juniors older than 14-15
  • Dennis' favorite food is pizza
  • Dennis' least favorite food is pancakes
  • Dennis' favorite word is "dominate"
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