Elemental control is a common ability that anyone with knowledge on how to use their inner energy can learn. Everyone is born with a specific element affinity in their energy, which can be mixed with one's energy in order to materialize their element. The elements can also be materialized using the Yogen Crystals. Elements can also be mixed with the user's nature, in order to enhance the power and appearance of a technique.

People are not limited to their affinity, and other elements can be learned by studying their energy properties. One cannot learn their affinity's opposite, however (such as lighting/earth, water/fire, etc.)

Elements Edit

Fire  Edit

  • Fire Hot energies allow the use of fire techniqu
    Element Fire
    es, and to heat things up with extensive energy control.

Wind  Edit

Element Wind
  • Wind Light energies allow the use of wind techniques, and makes the user's movements swifter. File:Element Wind

Lightning  Edit

Element Lightning
  • Lightning Rapid-moving energies allow the use of lightning techniques, and it makes the user's movements faster.

Earth  Edit

Element Earth
  • Earth Heavy energies allow the use of earth techniques, and it can make the user's attacks stronger and heavier.


Water  Edit

Element Water
  • Water Energies with a lower density allow the use of water techniques, and it generally results in someone with a large amount of energy.


Metal  Edit

Element Steel
  • Metal Energies with a higher density allow the use of metal techniques, which can give the user a higher endurance and stamina.


Ice  Edit

Element Ice
  • Ice Cold energies allow the use of the ice techniques, and to freeze or lower the temperature of things with extensive energy control.

Crystal  Edit

Element Crystal
  • Crystal People with freckles have access to a rare type of element, crystal, which consists of purple crystals with the power to negate all other elements.

Secondary Elements Edit

Secondary elements can be created by mixing two types of elemental energies.

  • Lava Fire and earth.
  • Hot steam Fire and wind.
  • Deadly water Water and lightning.
  • Mud Water and Earth
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