The Koji Clan


Kosho Koji

Date Founded

September 15th, 19AK

Current Leader


Known Members

Kosho Koji,Korun Koji,Yashonaru,Hokubo Koji,Omoiyari Shimizu,Edward Candela,Yoshi Koji,Akashido Miz,Michael Koji (former)

The Koji clan is a group of people with similar ideals, established by Kosho Koji on September 15th, 19AK. The clan already existed long before Kosho, but they went by without a name, rules, or a specific goal. Their goal is currently unkown, but most of the world simply assumes that they're up to something despicable. The few remaining members live in the continent of Longe.

History Edit

Thousands of years before Kosho, the clan was made up of warriors living in the continent of Longe. The group was one of the strongest in the world at the time, but they were relatively peaceful. However, on February 12th, 18AK, one of the group members, Kosho Koji, was found guilty of regicide. The death of king Patrick Valtchy was considered a tragedy, and the entire clan took the blame. What followed is unknown, but what IS known, is that the group was officially named after Kosho Koji, and they went to war against the Chickenwing Clan and The Kingdom. The Koji clan was defeated, and most members were executed. Most survivors left the group, and the few remaining members began to plan their return. According to Yashonaru, this plan involves the resurrection of Kosho, something that can only be done during the planetary alignment that is due to occur on June 16th, 416AK.

Present Edit

The current leader of the clan Yashonaru is leading a small unit of warriors known as the Satsujin Team, who are contributing to the success of The Koji Reditum plan. The clan is searching for the Yogen Crystals, which apparently have special energy that when combined with the current sage's energy, can ressurect anyone.

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