The Koji War

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1-14-19AK - 3-14-48AK


Chikkun,Onion,North Artica,West Longe,Chykyutochi,Chykyuutochi Forest,Soda River,Kingdom Island,Chykyuutochi Island,Chikkun Island


Liberals defeated, The Hidden King Act,Creation of The Alliance


Liberals: Koji Clan,North Artica Army,Quinz Army,Conservatives: Chickenwing Clan,South Artica Army,Kingdom Army. Neutral: Rebel Islands,Chykyuutochi Army


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The Koji War is one of the deadliest conflicts in the human history. What started as nothing more than a regicide, quickly turned into a mass conflict between the world's continents, eventually leading into a massive war with two primary armies, the Koji Clan who were fought for "liberty and justice", and the Chickenwing Army, who fought to keep things in order and maintain the world's monarchy.

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