Kumo Amano
Kumo Mitchell Amano


July 25th, 399AK (14)






165cm (5'4)










Water: Water Slap,Water: Water Dome,Water: Tsunami,Water: Endless Tsunami,Water: Water Bullets,Water: Water Shield

Kumo Mitchell Amano is a member of DEDDON's 20th unit, and one of the 415AK Western Juniors He sees his best friend Michael Koji as his rival, and thinks of themselves as equals.

Background Edit

Kumo is the second and oldest son of Sebastian and Susan Amano. He was trained at a very young age by his father, who was the winner of The 13th Exam. Kumo joined DEDDON with the goal of winning The 15th exam, and to obtain the water crystal and use it to become a legend.

Personality Edit

Kumo is a quiet, collected, and observant. person. He's considered by his peers to be very wise, and one of the strongest. This has caused him to become somewhat arrogant, believing himself to be the main voice of reason in his Unit. Everything he does, however, is for the greater good of his peers, and he cares deeply for them, and he often gives them advice. He even dislikes being one of the strongest, because he is afraid of power becoming more important to him than his friends. Like Michael, Kumo has dismissed the idea of love, but unlike his friend, he secretly wishes to find it.

Appearance Edit

Kumo is a tan-skinned, slightly muscular teenager with spiky blonde hair and light-brown eyes. He has a pointy nose and long eyelashes, which make him look a bit feminine. He has a scar that runs diagonally across his face, and his arms are covered in scars (which he hides with bandages). His casual clothes consist of a green jacket and brown, baggy jeans. He also wears a red head-band, which was a gift from his father.

Abilities Edit

Being trained at an early age by a prodigy himself, Kumo quickly developed advanced abilities and techniques while still a child. This advantage led to him becoming one of (if not the) strongest of his DEDDON generation, only rivaled by the likes of his best friend, Michael. Kumo's proficiency lies in his elemental abilities. Being a master of the water element, Kumo can use water alongside martial arts to deliver powerful, smooth blows...He's also adept at using weaponry, mainly blades, being able to keep his own against Michael, who is known for his speed.

Trivia Edit

  • Kumo's personality was originally going to be arrogant and over-confident
  • Kumo's favorite word is "teach"
  • Kumo wishes to fight and defeat Mike Koji
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