Michael Koji
Michael Louis Koji


August 17th, AK (14)






162 cm (5'3)











Michael Louis Koji is a member of DEDDON's Unit 24, and one of the 415AK Allied juniors. Michael is currently in a search for answers, regarding the controversial Koji War.

Background Edit

Michael is the second and youngest son of the KoShi couple, and the brother of Yoshi Koji. Not much is known about his early life, except that his parents suddenly disappeared when he was just an infant, leaving him alone with his older brother. The two brothers lived together for 5 years until Yoshi's death at the hands of Kaishi Stewart. Mike joined DEDDON after his brother's death, and was soon assigned to Rokko Chickenwing's Unit 24.

Appearance Edit

Michael is a short, fair-skinned teenager with light-brown hair and brown eyes. He also has tear-troughs. which appear to be hereditary, as his brother, Yoshi Koji also has them. Michael's outfit consists of a red shirt with a gray scarf, and a pair of gray shorts or sweatpants, depending on the weather. He also wears dark-gray arm-warmers, and a large, gray belt.  

Personality Edit

Overall, Michael has a serious, calm, personality. He's very independent, and prefers to work by himself and at his own pace. Despite being serious and collected, Michael cares deeply for his family and comrades, and has risked his life in the past for them. He also jokes around every now and then, and he's very social around his closest friends. He also has a very long fuse, as he can keep his cool for a longer time than his comrades. He can also keep his emotions under control.

Abilities Edit

Despite having a disability, Michael was still able to master his own element at a young age, including several advanced techniques such as the rare Lightning: Lightning Stream, and all of the basic energy techniques such as strength and speed enhancement, flight, and pure energy. At age fourteen, Michael is considered the second-strongest of his DEDDON generation.

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