Mila Burasuu
Mila Kate Burasuu


January 15th, 399AK (15)






154 cm (5'0")











Mila Kate Burasuu is a member of DEDDON's Unit 24, and one of the 415AK Eastern Juniors. When she was a little girl, she was blessed with her clan's regenerative powers by her father.

Background Edit

Mila is the daughter of Aoda Burasuu, the leader of the Burasuu Clan. When she was little, her father was found guilty of several crimes. He decided to run away, but he blessed his daughter with the Burasuu's powers before doing so. Mila's mother sent her off to join DEDDON, so she could become strong enough to one day track down and assassinate her father.

Appearance Edit

Mila is a light-skinned girl with short, jet-black hair and hazel eyes. She always wears a green sweater with a purple shirt underneath, with blue jeans and brown shoes. Sometimes, she wears a black tank-top and gray shorts.

Personality Edit

Mila is a very hot-headed, sarcastic girl. Bossy and manipulative, she often uses her intelligence to find other's weaknesses, and she enjoys exploiting them for her own benefit. Despite this, she's still very kind, and cares deeply for her friends, especially her teammates [Chris Chickenwing|Chris]] and Michael(who she has a crush on). She's also very tomboyish.

Abilities Edit

While not very proficient at hand-to-hand combat, Mila mastered the arts of swordsmanship. She's highly skilled with all sorts of blades, and she can even mix her own energy with her blades in order to use her trademark Wind: Gale Sword Slash technique. Mila can also regenerate due to her clan's rare ability, which is fast enough to heal flesh wounds within seconds, and she can even regrow limbs. This process is extremely painful, however, and it requires a large amount of energy. She can also temporarily transfer her ability to someone else, in order to heal them. This requires an ever larger amount of energy, however.

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