Obscured Truth is an original story written and illustrated by Luis Mendizabal. As of right now, he has only released one chapter of his manga. Following Flipnote Studio 3D's release on February 10th, 2015, Luis plans on using the software to fully animate his story and upload it to YouTube. All info on this Wiki is technically spoiler-free, as it only contains information shown in the first 6 (planned) chapters of the manga. Enjoy your stay, and make sure to check out his profile on deviantART (sonzumaki) and Colors! 3D (Zetsubo).

2K15 OT

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Kosho Koji, a man who is either referred to as the messiah by the descendants of the Koji Clan, or as the anti-Senshi by the rest of the world, is so important that modern calendars refer to his birthyear as year 1. His actions as a teenager are said to have ignited the Koji War. Most of the world sees Kosho as an evil dictator, and as the one responsible for the entire war, completely ignoring Toshiro Chickenwing's contribution. Despite this, no one knows the reality behind the war, or who to blame, except fr one individual, who claims to know all the answers. On the other hand, a boy with a cursed surname is looking for these answers, and he is willing to do anything in order to fulfill his ambitions, even if he has to find all the Yogen Crystals, and use them to destroy the world, the same world that is already endangered by the mysterous Shinda creatures.

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