Rokko Chickenwing


February 26th, 391AK (23)






187 cm (6'1")










Rokko Braun Chickenwing is the leader of DEDDON's 24th unit, and one of the strongest DEDDON members. Being a descendant of the legendary Toshiro Chickenwing, Rokko can use his unique ability.

Background Edit

Being a direct descendant of Toshiro Chickenwing, Rokko was expected to become a strong, fearless warrior. He joined DEDDON in order to train and fulfill that expectation, but despite achieving it, he lost to his best friend during the final-round of their graduation tournament. He then became the leader of Unit 24, and is currently preparing his students for their graduation tournament.

Appearance Edit

Rokko is a tall, fit man with blonde, spiky hair and green eyes, he also has two scars one his face (one on his cheek, and one across his forehead). He usually wears the Chikkun uniform, but he might switch to the Onion uniform for certain missions. While at home, he usually wears a sleveless, white shirt and beige sweat-pants.

Personality Edit

Rokko is a very responsible, direct man who enjoys dealing with problems as soon as possible. He can also be a bit strict at times, but that's due to the fact that he cares deeply for his students and best friend. Despite being responsible and direct, he can also be a relaxed, laid-back individual who tends to make a lot of jokes and clever remarks.

Abilities Edit

Rokko's considered one of the strongest warriors on Earth, and the strongest member of the Chickenwing Clan. He posseses great physical strenght which makes up for his lack of speed, and a lot of experience with energy-based techniques. He also has great endurance, being the only person known to have survived a direct Shinda explosion. He can also use two Elements, earth and fire.

Chickenwing Mode Edit

Being a direct descendant of Toshiro Chickenwing, Rokko has access to his unique ability, Chickenwing Mode. While in this form, Rokko undergoes minor physical changes, and gains power several times greater than his own. He also gains the ability to stretch his body and teleport, albeit with a 3-second delay between each teleportation.

Trivia Edit

  • Rokko's favorite food is chicken soup, while his least favorite is anything bitter.
  • Rokko was originally supposed to be a lot more muscular and serious.
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