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The Shinda are a species of humanoid, white creatures with the ability to turn into a "gooey" substance and explode. They've been terrorizing rural areas since their sudden appearance on July 13th, 263AK. Two years after their rise, the organization of DEDDON was founded in order to counter the Shinda's attacks.

Appearance Edit

The Shinda vary in color. Some are white, and others are light-green or gray. They're simply humanoid creatures with deformed faces and gooey bodies. They can use their body's lack of bones and structure to shape-shift, and they come in various sizes. Some even have "thicker" skin than others.

Abilities Edit

The shinda are fairly adept in human combat, and each shinda is considered a Rank E enemy, which is higher than any other animal or creature on Earth. Like warriors, they can manipulate their inner-energy, but they don't appear to show pain or fatigue, and they have unlimited stamina and very sturdy bodies. if all else fails, they can also self-destruct. Each Shinda has a unique explosion size, which makes each of them extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Shinda have also shown the ability to learn by studying humans, and a few have gone as far as to use proper techniques and elemental control.

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