The History of Our World




The Pancake Desert (chapter)


Beginning Arc

Characters (debut)

Kosho Koji,Toshiro Chickenwing,Chris Chickenwing,Marii Akage,Kumo Amano,Doku Atarashi,Kozuki Furui,Kentachi Lettuce,Rokko Chickenwing,Michael Koji.

"The History of Our World" is chapter 1 of the Obscured Truth manga. It was released on October 5th, 2014, right on the author's Google Website.

Summary Edit

The chapter is told from the point of view of a shadowed figure. This figure tells that long ago, there were many casualties due to wars and conflicts, and humanity looked back at said events with pride. The figure then gives a brief explanation of the [[Koji Wa, which led to over 100,000,000 deaths. This war was supposedly started by a man named Kosho Koji, who led the Koji Army against the defenders of the world, the Chickenwing Army. Kosho was eventually killed by Toshiro Chickenwing, resulting in world peace. The figure is visibly angered by this, and states that he'll change the world. Many young kids are shown, including the protagonist of the story, Michael Koji.

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